Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{Mini Review} The Boy Who Couldn't Die By: William Sleator

Three Stars

Goodreads Summary:

When seventeen-year-old Ken's best friend Roger dies in a plane crash, Ken suddenly realizes that he too could die at any moment. Terrified, he seeks out a plump, middle-aged psychic named Cherie Buttercup, who grants him invulnerability from death in exchange for his soul. Eager to test his new powers, Ken talks his family into a vacation in the Caribbean, where he can swim with sharks. There he is entranced with Sabine, a young scuba instructor, and shares his story with her. 

When Ken begins to have vivid dreams of secret murders, he and Sabine realize that Cherie Buttercup is using his soul as a zombie to do her will. But the dreams also give clues as to where his soul is hidden--so the pair set out to retrieve it.

Since this is a really short book, this will be a short review.

Ken's best friend, Rodger has died. He freaks out about dying himself, and goes and sees Cherie Buttercup to make him immortal. He pays her for doing this fifty. There's always a catch, though. Cherie makes him a zombie. It's not the usual dead body coming alive sort of thing, though there is some of that in this book. She controls his soul, and, in his dreams, controls what he does.

This book had an interesting enough idea. I really liked the Caribbean mythology in it.

When Ken goes to the Caribbean to test out if he really is immortal, he meets a girl. And there's insta-love. 

The characters seemed real enough. 

There were some twists, but I guessed most of them before they happened.
The ending wasn't really good. It seemed way to easy.


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