Review Policy

Unfortunately, I cannot take independently or self published books right now, nor can I take vanity-published books.

When you send me your book, it must include the author’s name, title of the book, and, if possible, a summary. My blog is a fiction blog, so I'll read almost anything that interests me. The types of books I prefer are paranormal romance, urban fantasy, steampunk, dystopian, young adult, historical romance, or contemporary romance. As you can see, most of these novels have elements of romance. However, crime and thriller novels, regardless of a romantical aspect in them, are also enjoyed.


I can handle eBooks, since I usually read on an iPad or Kindle. Actual books are also great.

Why I might say no

I will only review your books if it grabs my interest. Please do not be offended if I had accepted your book, but then told you that I stopped reading it. Occasionally, I will read your book and decide it is not for me. Please remember that I am accepting your book in exchange for a fair and honest review and that I reserve the right to not finish it or review it.


My reviews consist of a summary, sent from you, the rating, and the explanation of the rating. The ratings are on a five star scale. See more here:  Rating Policy


If your book is part of a series, please send me them, along with your book. This will help me in reviewing and understanding the books.


Even though I’m obsessed with books, I do have a life outside of reading. I will occasionally take time off my blog to reread novels. 

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