Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nine Things That Confuse/ Annoy Me

Today, while calmly reflecting over life because I am a very peaceful person, I decided that there are some things in the world that don't make sense. For this post, I chose nine of them. Why only nine? Because of Karen Marie Moning's series, of course.

1) Orange
It's some people's favorite color, but I'm so confused why. I mean, it's orange. The only thing that should be orange is an orange. Otherwise, it's just strange.
2) People Who Don't Like Books
 Okay, I can understand people who don't have time to read books. And I can understand people who don't love them. But if you hate them? And then proceed to tell everyone around you why they have no life because they always read? That's just low.
3) People Who Incorrectly Use Grammar or Spelling Just to Sound Cool
I know who you are. You were in my Honors Literature class in high school. You aced that course. And now, when I glance at your Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or whatever, I see this abomination of the English Language. Speaking of which...
4) The English Language
I don't care if you are an English Major or an author. But you have to admit- English is strange. There are all these rules, but then they're like twenty billion exceptions to the rule. Or they're eight different ways you can phrase one sentence, but only one for another. There are times when I wonder how English is the known language for everything because it's so difficult!
5) Double Standards
 No explanation needed. They just don't make any sense.
6) Twitter
So, I'm supposed to put all my thoughts in 140 characters? I use more than that every single time I do anything. 
7)  Why Some e-Books Are As Expensive As Hardbacks
This has got to be one of the strangest things ever. I mean, hardback books have to go through the process of the cover, the cover sleeve, and all the pages. e-Books just need to be able to be read. And yet, these books are as expensive as their hardback counterparts.
8) Selfies
A few selfies on any profile are to be expected. I find no point in them, unless they're about books, but I've accepted it.  However, if your entire social media profile is completely contaminated with selfies, I'm never going to follow you, no matter how amazing you might actually be.
9) The Goodreads Interface
I swear, Goodreads has more bugs than a spy owns. You send a message, it sometimes takes hours for it to show up. You search for a book, and it just doesn't show up. Sometimes your feed doesn't show what your friends are doing and you have to click on every individual profile just to be able to stalk see what they do.

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