Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feature & Follow: Outdoor Reading

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If you've been around the book blogging community, then you'd know that almost every blogger ever uses this meme. So I, because of my unfailing ability to succumb to peer pressure and the fact that "All the cool kids are doing it!" is making me attempt to try this.

So. Um. Well, you see, to answer the question, which is where my favorite place to read outside is, I hate being outside. With a passion. I find the weather too hot, or sunny, or cold, or rainy, or windy, or just weird. So my favorite place to read that might contribute as being outside is in a library. See? It's outside of my house, and it's filled with books and wi-fi. Also, if anyone talks too loud, I can always shush them.

On another note, hey! I'm back. You can now read my nonsensical rants that somehow manage to pass off as reviews. 

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