Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Angelfall by: Susan Ee

Five Stars

Goodreads Summary:

It’s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world. Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night. When warrior angels fly away with a helpless little girl, her seventeen-year-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back.

Anything, including making a deal with an enemy angel.

Raffe is a warrior who lies broken and wingless on the street. After eons of fighting his own battles, he finds himself being rescued from a desperate situation by a half-starved teenage girl.

Traveling through a dark and twisted Northern California, they have only each other to rely on for survival. Together, they journey toward the angels’ stronghold in San Francisco where she’ll risk everything to rescue her sister and he’ll put himself at the mercy of his greatest enemies for the chance to be made whole again.

Most of the angel books I've read are pretty bad. So when I saw this one, I didn't immediately jump for it. Actually, I was going to pass on it. I'm so glad I didn't. I found my favorite book I read in 2012. 

The beginning was a great hook, and pulled me right in. The main plot actually started in the beginning, instead of starting near the end, like so many other books. Susan Ee has written an amazing debut novel.

The characters were amazing. They seemed real and not a cardboard cutout.

 Penryn is a great heroine that can fight and usually thinks before she acts. She doesn't stop trying to find her sister throughout the entire book, which is an admiring trait of her's. 

Penryn's mother is supposed to be crazy, and she definitely seemed like it. I like how her schizophrenia waxes and wanes unexpectedly.

 Raffe can hide secrets very well, and it makes him all the more interesting. And he's agnostic. How did she think of that?

 I loved the banter between Raffe and Penryn. Their relationship wasn't instant. It grew over the time they spent together and seemed natural.

There are a few gruesome scenes. I kinda like that stuff. Does that make me insane? Probably not. There are other people that like horror movies too, right? Anyways, back to the part where I'm not a serial killer and there are some pretty weird scenes. Susan Ee wrote in lots of detail so I could picture what she was writing about in my head.

The fight scenes were great. An author finally did her research! 

Not only that, the Nephilims are actually bad, like they're supposed to be.

The ending is completely epic and is making me stalk the author's website for the release date.


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