Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top Ten Things I Learned in Thailand

No, it's not a review. I was traveling in Thailand recently (just came back yesterday), and I was thinking how awesome I would be if I made a sort of guide book-ish/ thing for you readers. Please don't sue me. These tips are for Bangkok.

1. If you see a hooker on the street, don't walk up to her. It's probably not a her.

2. Don't ever get into a conversation with a gold seller. They'll start telling you how terrible Thai men are and how you should never marry one, even though they're clearly Thai themselves.

3. If you see something you like on the street and are traveling in a group, pick the person that looks the most Asian to barter. If they don't look Asian enough, you will get a terrible price.

4. Thai people don't listen to Thai Pop. They listen to K-Pop.

5. Asian people are great drivers. Only a good driver would get me through a 45 speed limit driving zone at around 60, while driving in the middle of the road, and not get caught.

6. That delicious meat you just bought? It's probably a dog with a disease.

7. The thing you just bought, where the seller assured you it was real, was fake. It only works for a while.

8. Don't touch the monkeys. They'll try and kill you.

9. Be prepared for your ears to hurt once somebody picks up a phone.

10. You're probably going to get pick-pocketed if you look White.

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