Saturday, June 1, 2013

YA Feisty Female Tourney

It's that time of year to vote for the females that have carried their many weapons with care, have taken out more bad guys than you can count on both hands and have shown the world that women are not to be messed with!

It's also a chance to acknowledge that heroines don't have to be simpering, weak or girly - they can have iron backbones and save the day better than any man can ;)

Voting will be open 31 May - 31 July. There will be 7 Rounds:
- Round 1 - top 15 move to Round 2
- Round 2 - top 10 move to Round 3
- Round 3 - top 6 move to Round 5
- *Round 4/Gatecrashers* - top 6 move to Round 5
- Round 5 - top 6 move to Round 6
- Round 6 - top 3 move to Round 7


Currently in Session: Round One
Vote Here

And who are you guys going to vote for?
Allison "Allie" Sekemoto

Allison is a brave young woman, with noteworthy snark, sarcasm, toughness, and defiance. She likes to be in control of situations, and is fiercly loyal to those whom she cares for. However, she lives by the rules of survival and does what it takes to stay alive. She is driven and determined, and though at times harsh, cold, serious, and unsympathetic, this is what she has to do to survive. Allison craves to become human once again and save humanity. She tries keep her humanity intact as much as possible, since she despises the creature she has become, but the thirst for blood is too strong for her.
(summary taken from here)

See that thing she's holding? That's a katana.

Allie's amazing at using it. And if you don't vote for her, she'll be pissed. 

Why are you still here? Why aren't you voting right now?

You're making the kitten sad.

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