Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Blogger New Year Challenge: Day Fourteen

Blogging Wish List Of 2014:

1) A custom domain
This is an instance of "Everyone good has one except for me!"
2) A search bar that actually looks good
It looks decent before you use it, but afterwards, it's just the most generic search results.
3) A better template
Right now, it seems my template is just boring. And it gets weird on the side buttons.
4) More good books
We can never go wrong with this.
5) Less trolls
I just don't understand them. Especially when they don't know how to spell.
6) Quicker sequel releases
As in, the next day after I read the book. Or the next hour.
7) No Badly Behaving Authors
No explanation needed.
8) More amazing books turned into amazing movies
I thought 2014 was the year for this, but now that I've seen the Vampire Academy clips, I'm scared.
9) Writing better reviews
I think all bloggers want this.
10) A Blog Button
This is reason is just like #1's.

Thank you, Parajunkee, for coming up with this idea. 

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