Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge- Day Two:

Pros and Cons of Blogging:

Like everything, blogging has its upsides and its downsides. These are mine:


  1. Already having read everything.
  2. Realizing that you'll never get a Jericho Barrons or any other Romance character
  3. People think you're going to kill them because you never come out of your room, since you're either writing or reading
  4. Losing sleep because you have to finish a book or else you'll die from suspense
  5. Cliffhangers in an ARC when the next book hasn't been written yet
  6. Everyone automatically assumes you've read anything that's ever been written.
  7. If you haven't read something, everyone in a fifty foot radius turns to you and gasps
  8. The formatting of every blog post
  9. Realizing you're not going to be as awesome as that other blogger
  10. No one understands your sense of humor, since most of it comes in the form of snarky book quotes


  1. The amazing people that you'll meet
  2. Free books
  3. Reading everything before anyone
  4. Becoming a better writer
  5. The feeling you get when you get a like that's not from you family member
  6. Getting an ARC in the mail
  7. Better memory skills from differentiating between one book from another 
  8. Patience from waiting for a book to get better
  9. Finding great books
  10. An outlet for your rants about annoying books that's not to your friends

What are your pros and cons of blogging?

Thank you, Parajunkee, for coming up with this idea. 

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